Denver Ballroom Dancing
Friday, May 25, 2018

Upcoming Events


First SATURDAY                    At the KICKERS CLUB                   MAGGIE Francuci will teach:

Third FRIDAY                         16776 W 50th Ave, Golden CO, 80304

January    7,                           SNOWMAN Affair                               BACHATA 

January  20,                           COUNTRY Affair                               COWBOY CHA CHA

February    4,                          CHINESE NEW YEAR                       WALTZ   ONE

February    17,                         MARDI GRAS                                  NIGHT CLUB TWO-STEP

March     4                               ITALIAN Affair and Maggie's Birthday     SAMBA (partner and line dance)

March   17                               St Patrick's Affair                            EAST COAST SWING

APRIL     1                                CANCELLED due to weather

APRIL    21                              SPRING Affair                                   BOLERO

MAY         6                             MEXICAN FIESTA                             SALSA

MAY        19                            ARMED FORCES TRIBUTE               West Coast Swing

JUNE        3                            PINK FLAMINGO AFFAIR                 Night Club 2Step

                                                                                                        by Marion Mobley

JUNE       16                           HAWAIIAN AFFAIR                          TANGO


JULY         1                           CRUISIN AFFAIR                               Rumba by Leonard                              

JULY       21                           MARGARITAVILLE                            HUSTLE

AUGUST    5                           ToBe Announced                             East Coast Swing

AUGUST    19                        OLDIES DANCE w/ Entertainers       No Dance Lesson

                                              from the past  TOP HAT Entertainment DJ Larry Nosbich

SEPTEMBER   2                   LABOR DAY Weekend              Rumba by Leonard

SEPTMEBER   15                 70's Affair                                HUSTLE by Maggie

OCTOBER      7                  10th Anniversary Dance          BOLERO by Maggie

                                           Black amd White Ball              DJ Mike Randelman

OCTOBER    20                  Scarecrow Affair                      WALTZ

                                         Costume Contests                    DJ Jerry Hansen

NOVEMBER   4               BRONCOS Affair                        CHA CHA by Marion Mobley

                                                                                           DJ Mike Randelman 

NOVEMBER   17             FALL AFFAIR                             TANGO by Leonard  Thurman

                                                                                           DJ  Jerry Hansen 

DECEMBER   2                Winterfest                                  DJ Mike Randelman


DECEMBER    15             Holiday Affair                            DJ  Jerry Hansen


      2016           wHAT hAPPEENED LAST YEAR

January   2, Saturday                              " NO  DANCE"                           HAPPY NEW YEAR   

January  15, Friday                                Country Night                                Cowboy Cha Cha

February   6, Saturday                          Madi Gras                                       Waltz

February  15, Friday                              60's Affair                                      Samba w/partners and

                                                                                                                          the Samba Line Dance

March         5, Saturday                                                                                 Foxtrot 

March       18, Friday                 CANCELLED due to Weather                    Hustle 

April           2, Saturday                 A Spring Affair                                      Bolero I

April          15, Friday                     A Taxing Affair                                      Bolero II

May           7, Saturday                   Casual Affair                                        East Coast Swing                                                              

May         20, Friday                        Mexican Fiesta Affair                          Bachata

June         4, Saturday                      The Pink Flamingo Affair                  Night Club Two-Step

June       17, Friday                           Hawaiian Affair                                  Rumba

July          2, Saturday                   Oldies Rock N Roll Show                    Jitterbug and Stroll

July        15, Friday                        Margaritaville                                        West Coast Swing       DJ Art Abington

August    6, Saturday                  Sail Away Affair                                      Tango II

August   19, Friday                      Polynesian Affair                                    Bachata

September 3, Saturday               Red-White-Blue Affair                            Rumba                      DJ Art Abington

September 16, Friday                 70's Affair                                                Hustle

October 1, Saturday                 9th Anniversary-Dancin'Affairs               Bolero

October 21, Friday                    Scarecrow Affair                                       Waltz

November 5, Saturday             Fall Back Affair                                           Samba Partner/Line

November 18, Friday                Autumn Leaves                                           Salsa

December 3, Saturday             Winterfest Affair                                          Cowboy Cha-Cha

December 16, Friday                Christmas Affair    CANCELLED 

                                          Due  to Weather......for My Dancers Safety         Foxtrot

 UPDTAED 2/14/2017 ML


Holiday Gala Event

Did you know that the Holiday Gala is just around the corner? Get your tickets below.