Denver Ballroom Dancing
Sunday, May 16, 2021

About Us


For 2020,

Mary's Dancin' Affairs will remain on the LAST SATURDAY of each month.

New for 2020:

Gabriel Wilson is offering two(2) pre dance lessons before our dance and we're not changingour admission price of $12 per person.

     6:30 to 7:15 is the firs lesson and

     7:15 to 8pm is the second lesson and you can video both with your camera.

Then we offer a great variety of social ballroom dances from 8 to 10:30p

The Denver Kickers Club is located at 16776 W 50th Ave in Golden, CO, 80403.

We have a hard wood dance floor that's over 2500 square feet plus a stage for the music.

I strive to provide and elegant evening for socializing and dancing to your favorite tunes from all genres. You can expect a continuous flow of dance music all evening and my DJs do there best to honor your requests.

Singles and Couples are always welcome.

Admission is $12 per person for the whole evening, pre-lesson and dance.

Our Triple Waltz Mixer, that offers 5-6 waltzes in a row, gets everyone dancing on the floor and a chance to dance with a new friend. 

The doors open at 6:30pm and we have seating for 224 dancers on the main floor.

I will bring some lite snacks to keep our energy level up. If anyone would like to contribute fruit, veggies, or sweets to help out, it will be greatly appreciated.

The cash bar offers beer, wine, and mixed drinks at very reasonable prices.

I've been hosting Mary's Dancin' Affairs at the Kickers Club since 2007.

With your continued support, I will continue to Host these events.

Be sure you're on my email list for a brief reminder of the upcoming dance and what the lesson will be.  Email is the only way I could notify you if I had to cancel due to weather. I do not release your email to anyone for any reason and I generally only send one email per month.

I look forward to "Seeing you on the Dance Floor soon."

Your Hostess,

Mary Lindsey-Hepp

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